LOOK Systems Training

Understanding the TrainTrack Database Using BI/Query


Understanding the TrainTrack Database Using BI/Query is a course for those wishing to extract data which is not available on standard reports. The TrainTrack overview and some experience of trainee systems are prerequisites of this course.

The purpose of this two day course is to provide delegates with an understanding of the model of trainees and contracts implemented in the TrainTrack database and to enable them to derive information from data in the model using BI/Query.

In order to understand the model, a simple view of relational databases will be presented.

By the end of the course delegates should have an understanding of what data is maintained in the system. They should also appreciate the range of information potentially available via ad-hoc reporting using BI/QUERY and be able to use BI/QUERY to extract information.

The course will largely follow a workshop format.


Delegates should be familiar with the Windows environment and TrainTrack.

Day 1

TrainTrack data model

Relational Databases

Using BI/QUERY with the TrainTrack Database:

Developing queries including simple functions (e.g. counts), extracting data to Excel.

Day 2

Using more advanced features of BI/QUERY with the TrainTrack Database: manipulating dates, using BI/QUERY functions and Pivot tables if required.

Developing the BI/QUERY model: data display formats, adding descriptive text in output