LOOK Systems Training

SQL Server Overview


Who should attend

Those wishing to gain an overview of Microsoft SQL Server, its function, structure and components; together with the tools provided for managing a SQL server installation.


Knowledge of Windows and Windows NT is essential. Knowledge of SQL is desirable. An awareness of Relational Databases and Client/Server computing is desirable

Course objective

Upon completion of the course the student will have an understanding of: SQL Server; the role of the Administrator; the tools provided with SQL server for administration; the main tasks in administrating the system which include System Configuration, Managing Devices and Databases, Managing User Accounts and security; Database maintenance and performance.


This course provides an instructor led introduction to the purpose of and tasks involved in SQL Server System Administration with an emphasis on 'hands-on' exercises.

Course Content

SQL Server as an RDBMS using client server technology

Features of Transact SQL

The structure of a SQL Server database

SQL Server Administration

Overview of optimisation, security, networking and application development