LOOK Systems Training

Linux Professional Institute Certification Level 1, exam 102

Ref: LKLPI102

This three day course is designed for experienced Linux System Administrators who are preparing for the Linux Professional Institute Certification Level 1 second exam (102). A hands on approach is used so that the theory is well understood.


Delegates will have successfully completed exam 101 and should have considerable Linux System Administration experience, ideally having taken the LOOK System's Linux System Administration and TCP/IP and Samba Administration courses.


The course covers all the topics in the Exam 102 objectives. General headings are given below, the full exam objectives may be seen on the LPI web page.

Hardware & Architecture

Configure fundamental system hardware

Setup SCSI and NIC Devices

Configure Modem, Sound cards

Linux Installation and Package Management

Design hard-disk lay-out

Install a boot manager

Make and install programs from source

Manage shared libraries

Use Debian package management

Use Red Hat Package Manager (rpm)


Manage kernel modules at runtime

Reconfigure, build and install a custom kernel and modules

Text editing, Processing, Printing

Perform basic file editing operations using vi

Manage printers and print queues

Print files

Install and configure local and remote printers

Shells, Scripting, Programming, Compiling

Customize and use the shell environment

Customize or write simple scripts


Install & Configure XFree86

Setup XDM

Identify and terminate runaway X applications

Install & Customize a Window Manager Environment

Networking Fundamentals

Fundamentals of TCP/IP

TCP/IP Troubleshooting & Configuration

Configure and use PPP

Networking Services

Configure and manage inetd and related services

Operate and perform basic configuration of sendmail

Operate and perform basic configuration of apache

Properly manage the NFS, smb, and nmb daemons

Setup and configure basic DNS services


Perform security admin tasks

Setup host security

Setup user level security


825 + V.A.T per person