LOOK Systems Training

BI/Query for Users


The purpose of this course is to enable delegates to derive information from a database and produce reports using BI/Query.

In order to understand BI/Query models, a simple view of relational databases will be presented.

By the end of the course delegates should appreciate the range of information potentially available via ad-hoc reporting using BI/QUERY and be able to use BI/QUERY to extract information.

The course will largely follow a workshop format.

The course is based on a standard database. It may be possible to tailor the course to a specific database. Please contact us if this is what is required.


Delegates should be familiar with the Windows environment.

Day 1

Relational Databases

Using BI/QUERY with a database

Developing queries including simple functions (e.g. counts), extracting data to Excel.

Creating and using prompts


Day 2

BI/Query reporting

String Functions

Combining Results

Developing the BI/QUERY model: adding buttons to automate reporting, data display formats, adding descriptive text in output