LOOK Systems Training

BI/QUERY Administration Workshop


This workshop is aimed at IT staff who will be supporting users of BI/QUERY. The purpose of this workshop is to help delegates to set up BI/QUERY, to develop BI/QUERY models and to look at the range of reporting facilities supported by BI/QUERY.

The relationship between BI/QUERY, the model and the target database, and the structure of each will be presented.

Delegates will develop and refine a BI/QUERY model and produce reports using the model. This will give an opportunity to use the various facilities offered by BI/QUERY

By the end of the workshop delegates should be able to set up and develop BI/QUERY models. They should appreciate the range of information potentially available via ad-hoc reporting using BI/QUERY and be able to use BI/QUERY to extract information.


Delegates should be familiar with the Windows environment and relational database structure and use.